Hi, I'm Clove and I Roleplay myself. I'm 15 and quite small but I'm not weak. I'm from District 2 and I'm a Career. I didn't volunteer for the games like the other Careers though, I was reaped. My training score was a 10.

Clato xx

Clato xxx


I've trained for The Hunger Games since I was 6 alongside my District partner, Cato, who was 9 when I began training. He also started training at the age of 6. My training mainly focussed on knives because I'm a natural at throwing them. I've beaten Cato in a fight a couple of times.

When we were training for the arena, me and Cato trained alongside Glimmer and Marvel from District 1.

Me in training...


Career pack in training


In the game, me and Cato were allies with Glimmer, Marvel and that boy from 3 until Cato killed him.

Cato was 18 and was 6ft 2, Marvel was 17 and 6ft 3, Glimmer was 17 and 5ft 7 and I was 15 and 5ft 4. I may have been the youngest and smallest of the Careers, but, I was the fastest and the smartest.


My Favorite weapon are the knives, I'm incredibly skilled with them and I never miss my target. Despite my size, I am quite strong and fast. I'm very smart and can fit into small spaces easily. I can also be quite sneaky.